Friday, December 2, 2011


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Close your eyes, and imagine if you will...a Japanese restaurant where you can go and order all of the appetizers, soups, salads, nigiri sushi and specialty rolls you can eat. When you are finished and pleasantly bursting at the seams, your delightful server hands you a check for only $20 (plus tax and a generous tip). This is not some skanky, low-grade, sitting around all day buffet sushi. This is first class, made to order, as good as you will probably have at your favorite sushi joint, here in town or just about any where else for that matter. This is SUSHI CLUB which is located on the northeast corner of West 10th street and Girls School road. Housed in a former Pizza Hut and who knows what else after that, Sushi Club is a dream come true. Get over there NOW....and DON'T leave out your vegetarian friends. One of my favorite items of the evening actually came off of the vegetarian menu...the PEANUT and AVACADO ROLL! EVERYONE MUST try this culinary cuonundrum! There are plenty of other vegetarian friendly items on the menu as well. Your server will bring out your dry marker menus and answer all of your pending questions. I think the best approach is to look at it like a tapas bar. Order your soups and appetizers, and while they are being prepared, get ready to place your next order. The house salad was cold and topped with a creamy ginger dressing. The seaweed salad was probably the best I've ever tasted, with a lively sesame lemon dressing. Then keep it coming until, as our server put it, "your're really heavy"! Some of the other standouts of the evening were the delicate fried spring rolls with an intense sweet and sour dipping sauce and the CRAZY MANGO roll which was tuna with an eye popping mango/jalepeno sauce on top of it. The price is $2 more on the weekend with the addition of sashimi and maybe a few more rolls. Sushi club also has a nice selection of beer/wine and sake to enjoy at super reasonable prices. Everything my dining partner and I ordered was super fresh and beauutifully presented. I think if they got the sushi bar out into the room more and hung a few Japanese chotchkies on the walls the place would scream of a trendy Tokyo nightspot. But hey, I was too busy studying the menu and planning my next round of attack to really notice. I'm just saying.......

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